Through our many years of experience in the in the field of photography, we can assure you that we can capture your every moment in a unique way. Our primary purpose is to let yourself go and just enjoy the moments. Without simply recording the events, we seek to create long lasting memories and images, full of emotion, that will accompany you for a lifetime.



As mentioned above we go a long way back in professional photography. Although our main occupation has to do with wedding photography, that doesn’t stop us from dealing with the coverage of a great variety of events. How can we not cover, for example, the christenings of the children of our beloved couples that trusted us with the great responsibility of the photographic coverage of their wedding? In addition to the above we have dealt with numerous events such as pre wedding parties, bachelorette parties, newborn photo shootings, birthday parties, conferences, book presentations and grand openings coverage. Furthermore, with time we’ve worked on advertising, product and studio photography. What triggered us to do so was the fact that taking pictures of items or of people wearing particular clothes doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to exclude our artistic point of view. So, we are glad to figure out that even clients, who only asked for the simplest of pictures, when they were shown a different display of their products, they were exited with the results.



Our team consists of people who truly love and enjoy their work. Our goal isn’t only to make sure that you’ll have a great time during your wedding or baptism but also to make sure that you and your family will remember this special day over time, leaving you with the best possible results, making sure that the pictures taken will reflect the best of you. Our occupation that encloses both photography and cinematography is filled with passion. Passion for people, passion for life, passion for everything and every emotion that can be captured with light, that can be captured with the camera, that can be printed in a piece of paper and be kept in time along with our warmest memories. The biggest joy is to realize that the images taken on your special day by us will tell your story and be the proof of how wonderful that day was!